The Angulus Device

Solution:  The VAP bundle has helped decrease VAP rates, but more can be done. Standard of care recommends semi-recumbent positioning as a key factor in preventing VAP. While enforcement of bed angle positioning is difficult, Angulus automates a process that has faced low compliance and has produced suboptimal results.

Angulus is an disposable inclinometer that affixes to the patient sternum using an allergy-free adhesive, allowing real-time patient angle measurement. This differs from the traditional head-of-bed (HOB) angle, which fails to address patients who slide down the bed. The customizable built-in alert system signals warnings both locally and at the central nursing station allowing ICU staff to know when patients are improperly positioned and at increased risk of aspiration. Angulus conveniently integrates in existing monitoring equipment, allowing you to have an additional data point to ensure patient safety and to reduce VAP rates.

Angulus is in the process of launching pilot clinical studies on intubated patients in the medical ICU.  We are developing partnerships with multiple NYC-area hospitals and actively looking for additional pilot site partners.   If interested, please reach out to our Elisabeth at